Reviews of Cool Stuff

Cool fogless shower mirror!

I recently got for free the hubby a cool little shower mirror so he would quit leaving his ugly shavings in the bathroom sink.  He loves it and everything goes right down the drain so I don’t have to see it.  I like the mirror because it is on a little hook and I can take it off to see myself.  He is much taller than me so we put it his level.  It also came with an extra hook for his razor!  Cool! Now I don’t know his razor down every time I reach for the shampoo.  It’s fogless too, however it will fog up after a while, but you can easily splash water on it and it’s good for another ten minutes.  It’s the Cassani Fogless shower mirror from Amazon and it was a great price!  Great gift for Valentines day or Fathers day!  Here’s my link to get it.