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HCG Diet Book and Recipes Free EBook!

Below is a book I created with information and recipes I’ve collected.  When I started this diet all I could find was books on Amazon listed at $25 each.  I wanted to share this information with you free.  I lost 30 pounds on this diet and felt better than I’ve felt in a long time.  Also print out the weight and food chart to help you reach your goals.  Happy losing!! 

Click the links below to download or open the PDF files.   You will need adobe pdf reader to open.

<A href="/files/0/9/4/4/5/263711-254490/HCG_DIET_MAUNAL_and_recipes.pdf”>Ebook HCG Diet Manual & Recipes
<A href="/files/0/9/4/4/5/263711-254490/Hcg_Approved_food_chart.pdf”>HCG Food & Weight Chart
<A href="/files/0/9/4/4/5/263711-254490/Hcg_Diet_101.pdf”>HCG Diet 101