Mullein Tea a small miracle herb!

The hubby and I faced round 2 of the bug this week and stayed home to get better. Someone gave us Mullein tea to drink and all I can say is – Wow! Stuff works to clear congestion in your sinuses and lungs. Tastes like green tea and add sweetener and lemon and even better.

I looked up benefits of mullein and here’s’ what I found. Mullein plants grow in wild and have beautiful yellow cones of flowers with big soft leaves. Dried and even used for oil extraction it is a great herb to help with respiratory problems. the oil can be extracted for a stronger dilution and used as ear drops or in cough syrups. However, the easiest way to use is dried as a tea and you drink. We drank 2 to 3 cups a day as were were ill and breathing improved immediately. There are several sites that talk about the benefits and the many things this miracle herb does. Don’t let your medicine cabinet be without this wonderful tea!